Delve into Spode’s rich history with the Heritage collection. Featuring a medley of patterns taken from the archive and reimagined in a timeless yet striking black colour palette, this is the ultimate Heritage design.


Make a style statement with these Heritage mugs. Featuring a fascinating reimagining of Spode's archive design wrapped gracefully around the curves of the mug. The deep black hues against the white porcelain body showcase an intricate piece to adore.

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1,390 THB ฿1,390



Deep black against creamy white earthenware, these Heritage side plates from Spode are a set to adore. The intricate Rome design, dating back to 1811, offers unexpected detail that creates an exquisite piece.

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1,390 THB ฿1,390



A fine set for the dining table. The exquisite Rome design from Heritage, with its deep shades of black and intricate details, adorns these pasta bowls.

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1,690 THB ฿1,690



Featuring an exquisite design taken from Spode's archive in deep black hues, these Heritage dinner plates are a stunning set. First developed in 1811, the Rome pattern welcomes you to delve into Spode's rich history and ensures a timeless addition to your table.

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1,690 THB ฿1,690



Welcome the exquisitely detailed designs of Heritage into your home with this octagonal platter from Spode. The intricate details of the Flora pattern has effortless charm, creating a show stopping piece for the home.

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6,290 THB ฿6,290



Celebrate 250 years of timeless style with this square vase from Spode. Featuring the India pattern, taken from the archive and reimagined in deep hues of black. An exquisite piece for the home and treasured gift.

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6,290 THB ฿6,290


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