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Creatures of Curiosity Set of 4 Dessert Plates (PREORDER)


Add a quirky touch to your afternoon tea with the Creatures of Curiosity set of 4 scalloped edge dessert plates.

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แบรนด์ : Spode

Add a curious touch to your next coffee date with our Creatures of Curiosity Set of 4 Dessert Plates. Quirky but functional, these mix and match scalloped edge dessert plates will take centre stage in any table setting, making your cakes just that little bit sweeter. Divinely bold, the set features an intriguing mix of distinctive on-trend patterns. From dark, edgy florals, inspired by Spode’s historic designs, to the ever-popular leopard print – they’re the perfect addition to any fashionista’s home. So we dare you to rebel against the ordinary with these bold dessert plates that are so unmistakably Spode.

Set of 4
Diameter: 19cm / 7.5in
Fine China
Handwash only
Gift boxed
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